Friday, October 15, 2010


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  1. Great sages have a lot to teach us about our future. According to them, the future is predictable, and our destiny is in our own hands : 1. The material world is full of suffering, and we're destined to suffer - from diseases, old age and death. There's no escape from the miseries of material existence. 2. There's no guarantee for security in the material dimension. You work to get the things you want, then you lose them. When we die, all material things are taken away from us. You're driven out of your body, and you can't bring anyone or anything with you. 3. Knowing the true nature of the world, great sages don't focus on the temporary material realm and instead strive for what's permanent. The great scriptures guarantee that the person who focuses on the transcendental is capable of attaining permanent satisfaction and peace in his or her lifetime and thereafter. 4. Those who strive for spiritual goals are assured of attaining imperishable wealth and good fortune, by taking shelter in the supreme being's abiding affection. They're blessed with spiritual love, kindness, wisdom, humility, truthfulness and generosity. As a result, they're able to share their blessings with those who need them. and, as they give, their wealth increases more. Solutions - Everyone will go through suffering. But, unlike the materialists, who are overcome with lust, loneliness, anger, frustration and anxiety, spiritualists can rely on a higher form of happiness to see them through the material realities of diseases, old age, and death. They also face problems, but they have real solutions for them. It's up to us to choose the kind of future we wish to have. We're encouraged to follow the peaceful and happy lives of saints and reject the miserable, empty lives of demons. Let's follow the wise men's advice : " Choose the better future and become truly happy!"